Ground Floor is up at the Hyde Park Art Center

Ground Floor Installation of A Conversão de São Paulo

Ground Floor Installation of A Conversão de São Paulo

An exhibition titled Ground Floor features three of my pieces from  A Conversão de São Paulo. The show is up through March 22, 2015 at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, IL. More info can be found here.

Ground Floor brings together work by Chicago’s most promising emerging talent, offering a single destination to discover the spectrum of artists whose work demands to be seen and supported. Ground Floor—so named because it provides a crucial platform for young artists and fills the entire lower level of the Art Center—is an ongoing biennial project. Continue reading

LINE UP: Pattern Type Taxonomy

Installation view of LINE UP

I was recently involved with the exhibition LINE UP: Pattern Type Taxonomy at Landmark Arts, the gallery of the Texas Tech School of Art. The show was focused around artists that worked in a typologic manner. The exhibit was co-curated by Peter S. Briggs and Joe Arredondo. Five pieces from Technically Intimate were included in the exhibition alongside works from Keily Anderson-Staley, Daniel Coburn, Warren Harold, Dona Schwartz, Robert Sebree, and Sarah Wilson.

Vita Nova – Up Until June 16

Vita Nova Invite

Vita Nova Invite

Up now as part of Fotografia Europea, 5 pieces from Technically Intimate are showing as part of a group show titled Vita Nova. Other artists include Julia Fullerton-Batten, Paul Graham, Lise Sarfati, Hellen van Meene, Raimond Wouda, and others. Show ends June 16, 2013.

The art and controversy of being ‘Technically Intimate’

Technically Intimate at Southeastern Louisiana State University

Technically Intimate at Southeastern Louisiana State University

This article is by Tony Romain cross posted from The Lion’s Roar, and was written in conjunction with an exhibit I had there during the month of October.

A current display in the Contemporary Art Gallery has raised a few eyebrows and aroused possibly more than just a little curiosity. The exhibit “Technically Intimate” by photographer Evan Baden features images of young adult women in the nude, re-enacting the poses of adult film stars in innocent and private spaces. The idea is to explore and exploit the fact that more and more young women are redefining intimacy by mimicking what they see in social media and on the web. The exhibit has sexually-charged images involving young women with cell phones, digital cameras and webcams. Continue reading

Privat Opens at the Schirn Kunsthalle

I’m off again, this time to Frankfurt. Right at the end of last year I was approached via email about having work included in a show at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt.

I accepted the offer and at the time thought that it was only a four person show, since there were only three or artists listed on the website for the show. However, a few months ago, when the final press release was issued for the show, I found out that a number of excellent artists, as well as a number of people whose work I admire, were also in the show. It was of even greater surprise when the Schirn decided to use two of my images for the invitation and exhibition poster. It was at that point that I decided to come to the opening. Continue reading

0-100 Opens in Bologna on Saturday – Then to Milan

This will be an exciting week for me. A few months ago I was asked by Cristiana Perrella, a curator hired by the Fondazione Marino Golinelli, to participate in a show revolving around how man has been shaped by the world around him. The show will be titled From 0 to 100. The New Ages of Life. The show will be the third in a series of shows that focus on how the world has shaped human beings. The show will be a combination of art and science, two disciplines that I think actually have a lot in common. Included in the show will be some of the biggest artists around, and I am really excited to be included. Some of the artists included are Cindy ShermanRyan McGinley, Guy Ben-Ner, Nan Goldin, Rineke Dijkstra, Louise BourgeiosJohn PilsonMartin Creed, Hans Peter Feldmann, Stefania Galegati,  Ottonella Mocellin, Nicola Pellegrini, Gabriel Orozco, Adrian Paci, and Miwa Yanagi. There will also be a catalog with the show. Continue reading

Generation NEXT Opens in Milwaukee

On Friday night I was in Milwaukee for the opening of my current show Generation NEXT. I was approached about being in the show in August, which is really fast. The show was curated by Jason Yi, with suggestions from Lisa Hostetler, curator of photographs at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

From the website:

“Generation Next” features a diverse group of young artists whose talents identify them as the next generation who will make a significant contribution to the cultural life of the region. Artist and MIAD Chair of Foundations Jason S. Yi selected the five with advice from Lisa Hostetler, Curator of Photographs at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and Cassandra Smith ’02 (Sculpture), co-editor of Fine Line, an international fine art magazine.

Continue reading

You All Fell For My Act – Open Now

Opening Night at MAMA

You All Fell For My Act is now up at Media and Moving Art in Rotterdam. There was a last minute addition to the show. Ai Weiwei was added to the show just before it went up. The reception has been good. I have four pieces in the show. They are Megan, Heidi and John, Lexi, and Sady. They are the full size versions and were mounted for the show.

Once again, the artists included in the show are Ai Weiwei (CN, 1957), Kalup Linzy (US, 1977), Kim Nuijen (NL, 1984), Jamie Warren (US, 1980), Renée van Trier (NL, 1983), Evan Baden (US, 1985), Mark Callahan (US, 1971).The show will be up until October 16, 2011.

You All Fell For My Act

Sady, 2010

You All Fell For My Act
27 August – 16 October 2011 
Opening: 26 August 2011, 19:00 – 23:00
Media and Moving Art. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

I am happy to announce my inclusion in an international show titled You All Fell For My Act at Media and Moving Art (MAMA) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I will have four pieces from Technically Intimate in the show (Megan, Heidi and John, Lexi, and Sady). Artists will include Kalup Linzy (US, 1977), Jamie Warren (US, 1980), Renée van Trier (NL, 1983), Evan Baden (US, 1985), Mark Callahan (US, 1971).

You All Fell For My Act is an international group exhibition about the way in which we relate ourselves to idealised images of a prevailing norm. The participating artists mainly use lens based media to show emerging tendencies of how we present ourselves on a global stage. This approach is informed by the wealth of different platforms to stage yourself as an individual: TV talent shows, social media, YouTube, but also city photography and fashion blogs. Whilst the individual performs the implication is that the world is watching.

The artists in this exhibition play, in different ways, with these emerging phenomena. Evan Baden shows young girls who make photos of themselves in their bedrooms whilst posing in front of a webcam. The photographic work of Jamie Warren is more theatrical; she dresses in a carnivalesque way contrasting her looks with her surroundings. In Kalup Lenzy’s videos he plays with his own identity by adopting different roles in a soap opera, which he then acts on camera. As such, the artists in this exhibition play with the way a prevailing ideal or standard affects the behavior of people. By transgressing the boundaries between real and fake, and between public and private we see the variability and changeability of identity.

The Exhibition You All Fell For My Act has been produced and curated by the second intake of participants of MAMA’s Rookies MA. In 2009 the first intake of the Rookies MA presented their exhibition For Security Reasons. Through the Rookies MA course (the successor of Mr. Miyagi Curating Tomorrow course) aspiring young curators are given the opportunity to realize and create an exhibition from start to finish. Under the guidance of MAMA’s staff and a variety of local and international guest lecturers the rookies MA course teaches many important aspects of curatorship including: fundraising, liaising with artists, communication, exhibition design, set-up and take down of exhibition, up to and including a final evaluation.

About Media and Moving Art:

MAMA (1997) is a project by the Public Art Squad Foundation and is situated in Rotterdam. MAMA is a platform for visual culture on the cutting edge of visual arts and popular culture and serves as a home base for the youngest generation of producers of images, artists and an audience aged between 16 and 26. MAMA produces exhibitions, books and magazines, organizes performances and events, presents and represents young artists at home and abroad and is part of an international network of like-minded organizations.

Virtual Identities at the Strozzina

Images of the Virtual Identities show are up at the Strozzina are up. I have six pieces from the Illuminati series in the show. You can see my whole little page, as well as all the other artists in the show, on their website here. Photos from the catalog are here.