Getting Pieces Ready for “Virtual Identities”

Fixing the "bow"

I took out the pieces out that are scheduled to be in Florence. Some of the pieces I have that have been around for a few years have slowly developed a bow. This is probably because I don’t really have the proper place to store the work the way that it should be. So, this is what I was doing over the weekend to slightly bend the plexiglass back. Four of the six pieces are at the shipper waiting to be crated while the other two are getting finished up a Digi. I am really hoping they are done by Friday as I know that the work is scheduled to ship out around May 5th.


Illuminati in TIME Magazine

For a long time I had been talking to TIME about publishing something from my Illuminati series. A few weeks ago they did. Just a small article in the back, but hey, it’s TIME.

MN Original

MN Original, a new weekly arts show did a piece on me for their second episode. This focuses on the Illuminati series. The footage from the Technically Intimate shoot got cut. I’m thinking it may have been too risque for public television. Enjoy.

Global Photography in Venice

The Global Photography show that was in Savignano last September traveled to Venice and opened this weekend. These were taken before the opening during the last bit of installation. Sadly, this will be it’s last stop.

D Magazine

D Magazine is out in Italy. The issue was nicely printed and there was an essay written to go with the work.

The Guardian

Got my first look at the issue of The Guardian Magazine that I was featured in. I got a lot of feedback from this. They did a wonderful job with the printing and the essay by Blake Morrison was great too.

A Perfect World

Opening of a two person show that I was having with Kristine Heykants at IFP in St. Paul. Images from the Illuminati and Technically Intimate were in the show. I had to make baby versions of the Technically Intimate work so that it could fit in the space. There was a nice sized crowd for the opening.

The Illuminati in LeMonde

LeMonde Magazine, based out of Paris, has done a feature on my Illuminati portfolio. They printed 6 images from the series. It coincides nicely with my show in at the Gallerie du jour Agnes B. in Paris, which runs until the 23rd of December. I also have work at Paris Photo

Global Photography Catalog

Massimo Sordi, photographer and co-curator of Global Photography has just sent me the two catalogs from both the Global Photography show and the Foto Festival. Both are beautiful and much bigger and better quality than I had expected. It was wonderful to be able to look through the catalog and see all of the artists in the show, especially since I could not be at the opening. Much thanks to Massimo and Stephanie!

Global Photography 2009

Global Photography 09: Looking At / Looking For, a show that I am included in will be opening tonight in Savignano, Italy as part of the Savignano Photo Festival (SIFEST).

Here are some of the images from the Global Photography 09 show. I wish that I could have been there. Maybe I will be able to make it for the Venice opening. It’s still 8 months away and a lot can happen in 8 months. There should be more images coming, but for now it was nice to see what the show looked like.
Other artists include:

Evan Baden (USA)
Catherine Balet (F)
Mathieu Bernard-Reymond (CH)
Michele Cera (I)
Samantha Cohn (USA)
Jen Davis (USA)
Wolfram Hahn (D)
Alessandro Imbriaco / Francesco Millefiori (I)
Seba Kurtis (ARG)
Molly Landreth (USA)
Lalpesh Lathigra (UK)
Maria Leutner (D)
Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann (PERU)
Colin Pantall (UK)
Andrew Phelps (A)
Marion Poussier (F)
Blerim Racaj (UK)
Richard Renaldi (USA)
Frank Rothe (D)
Carla van de Puttelaar (NL)
Shen Wei (CHINA)

There will also be a 100 page catalouge / Book that will accompany the show. The show will be traveling to Venice in March and hopefully Rome in January. We also had to make an intro video, which I would like to see.