0-100 Opens in Bologna on Saturday – Then to Milan

This will be an exciting week for me. A few months ago I was asked by Cristiana Perrella, a curator hired by the Fondazione Marino Golinelli, to participate in a show revolving around how man has been shaped by the world around him. The show will be titled From 0 to 100. The New Ages of Life. The show will be the third in a series of shows that focus on how the world has shaped human beings. The show will be a combination of art and science, two disciplines that I think actually have a lot in common. Included in the show will be some of the biggest artists around, and I am really excited to be included. Some of the artists included are Cindy ShermanRyan McGinley, Guy Ben-Ner, Nan Goldin, Rineke Dijkstra, Louise BourgeiosJohn PilsonMartin Creed, Hans Peter Feldmann, Stefania Galegati,  Ottonella Mocellin, Nicola Pellegrini, Gabriel Orozco, Adrian Paci, and Miwa Yanagi. There will also be a catalog with the show. Continue reading

Paraty Em Foco

PEF 2011 :: E|E :: Quase Íntimo – Evan BADEN from Paraty em Foco on Vimeo.

Evan Baden Poster for Paraty Em Foco


A while back, I was asked to come and give a lecture about my more recent work at Brazil’s largest photo festival, Paraty Em Foco. The festival is in it’s seventh year, and much of the photo world in Brazil has begun gathering there each year. There were also a number of international guests including Pieter HugoOlivia Arthur, and Penelope Umbrico.

Penelope Umbrico's Work


I flew there last Wednesday. It is my first time flying south, which is odd because there was almost no time change (or jet-lag), which was welcome. I landed in Sao Paulo and then it was a nice 5 hour drive through the jungle to the costal town of Paraty. I am told it is one of the oldest settlements in Brazil and one of the most beautiful.

Talking about my work


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Gallery Talk in Milwaukee

The opening of Generation NEXT went really well. MIAD wanted to do a small lecture series in conjunction with the show. So on Tuesday night I was back in Milwaukee to talk about the work I have been making, and the work I am planning to make while here. It was a small gathering in the gallery.

The nicer part of the evening was after the talk. MIAD students wrote small essays about why they wanted to come out to dinner with me after the talk. Six were selected and off we went. It was actually the best part of the night. We were at dinner for a few hours and there were lots and lots of questions asked, both about my work, my professional life, and why I was returning to school and what that was like. Sometimes answering those types of questions for others helps me formulate my own thoughts.

Generation NEXT Opens in Milwaukee

On Friday night I was in Milwaukee for the opening of my current show Generation NEXT. I was approached about being in the show in August, which is really fast. The show was curated by Jason Yi, with suggestions from Lisa Hostetler, curator of photographs at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

From the website:

“Generation Next” features a diverse group of young artists whose talents identify them as the next generation who will make a significant contribution to the cultural life of the region. Artist and MIAD Chair of Foundations Jason S. Yi selected the five with advice from Lisa Hostetler, Curator of Photographs at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and Cassandra Smith ’02 (Sculpture), co-editor of Fine Line, an international fine art magazine.

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For Sale

Contact Print Portfolio, $150

Contact Print Portfolio

These will be a limited edition of 100 boxes. Each portfolio comes in a Kodak 4×5 film box which I have used for one of my projects. Inside each box is a full set of contact prints from both the Illuminati and Technically Intimate series. Each print is labeled with the title and other information. Also included are artist statements for both projects as well as installation views of each series. That is a total of 36 prints. Each box will be signed and numbered.

This is a great way to own a full set of each series. Edition 4/100 resides in the permanent collection at the The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. 

If you are interested in purchasing a box, please contact me at evan [at] evanbaden dot com.

Paraty Em Foco Workshop

Advertisement for Paraty Em Foco

In September I will be traveling to Paraty, Brazil to participate in the Paraty Em Foco Photography Festival. I am quite excited as I have never been to South America. I am hoping there will be some time to see Rio, and I will bring my Polaroid camera along for the ride. I will be there for the entire festival, which runs from the 21st of September through the 25th. I will be involved with two events while there.

First, I will be giving a lecture about my past and current work. I am excited because this will be the first that I get to speak in public about my third series. I am mostly in the planning stages at this point, but hope to be a little further by the time the festival rolls around. There will also be an interview section to the lecture. The interview will be conducted by Felipe Russo, a young Brazilian Photographer. His blog can be found here.

I will also be giving a workshop during the festival. I didn’t want to do a shooting workshop. Mostly because shooting is a very small part of any project for me. Plus, I think it would be pretty boring to stand around and watch me shoot a staged image. So instead I will be focusing on how to research, write about, and plan an extended body of work. Then, after that work is created, how to market it and get it shown around the world. The workshop has already sold out, however, I believe we will be adding more spots as there is still some demand. That was somewhat of a surprise to me.

The image above is the first advertisement for the Festival, whose topic this year is “The Future”. More info can be found here.

Virtual Identities at the Strozzina

Images of the Virtual Identities show are up at the Strozzina are up. I have six pieces from the Illuminati series in the show. You can see my whole little page, as well as all the other artists in the show, on their website here. Photos from the catalog are here.

Virtual Identities Catalog

I just received the catalog for the Virtual Identities show that is currently on display at the Strozzina in Florence. My image of Katie was used for the postcard / invite and my image of Lila was used for the cover of the catalog. There is a lot of text in the catalog, and I was really pleased with the description of my work in the catalog. Plus, they sent me a bunch of copies, which are really nice to have for the future.

Crated for the Strozzina

I have a major show coming up at the Strozzina in Florence, Italy. The show is titled Virtual Identities and will be opening on the 20th of May. Six images from the Illuminati series should be on a plane as I write this. I asked the crate builder if he would mind taking some images of the crating for me. He was kind enough to oblige. So this is how my images will be traveling there and back. There will also be a catalog with the show, which I am excited to see.

Work for Two Shows


I had to make some work for two shows that will be opening in a couple weeks. The first is the Virtual Identities show that will be held in Florence at the Strozzina. That show will feature six pieces from the Illuminati, two of which I had to have made up. The other is a group juried show at the Kinsey Institute in Indiana. There will be two pieces from Technically Intimate in that show. I had to have Alex made up for that show, which I have been waiting to make up for a long time. These are some images of all of the work at the crater waiting to be boxed up and shipped off.