Barcelona + Pyrenees + Polaroid 180

I got back from Barcelona last week. It was a great trip, especially since it was just time to enjoy, as opposed to having to go to an opening or do any sort of work. And I got to take my Polaroid 180 with. I had taken both color and B+W film, but had problems with getting the B+W to work correctly. So I just shot up all of the color that I had. This is a small selection of what was shot, at least the images I like the most. And while it is a pain to deal with peel-a-part pack film while on vacation, they are so beautiful I think it was worth it.

P.S. Fuji really has their act together when it comes to color Polaroid (Fujiroid?) film.



There is something about shooting Polaroids in grey weather that I have always liked, and thanks to our wonderful spring weather here in Minnesota, I have been able to take the new camera out. It has been a long time since I have shot with it. It is a slow process, but enjoyable, and so much different that the digital that most shoot with today.