Pics or it didn’t happen


Emily – 60 x 80″

In preparation for my extended stay as the Artist-in-Residence at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, I have begun photographing a new body of work.

While there is only a working title for the series (which I am not yet ready to write down here) the premise will be a fictional group of high school characters all attending the same fictional high school. The fact this is a work of fiction is particularly important. This is because the world that teens are growing up in today is increasingly fictionalized through the various social media platforms which they use to broadcast their supposedly lived lives. Much of what is posted and shared with their “friends” is an embellishment, exaggeration, or downright lie. Photography is the perfect medium to compliment social media, as it has always been both heralded as the ultimate truth teller and the ultimate liar.

Caroline – 42 x 56"

Caroline – 42 x 56″

This body of work will be comprised of a mix of portraits, staged scenes, landscapes, and still lives; displayed as extremely large format prints as well as being brought together in the form of a high school yearbook.

More to come.


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