Generation NEXT Opens in Milwaukee

On Friday night I was in Milwaukee for the opening of my current show Generation NEXT. I was approached about being in the show in August, which is really fast. The show was curated by Jason Yi, with suggestions from Lisa Hostetler, curator of photographs at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

From the website:

“Generation Next” features a diverse group of young artists whose talents identify them as the next generation who will make a significant contribution to the cultural life of the region. Artist and MIAD Chair of Foundations Jason S. Yi selected the five with advice from Lisa Hostetler, Curator of Photographs at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and Cassandra Smith ’02 (Sculpture), co-editor of Fine Line, an international fine art magazine.

The show features 6 pieces from The Illuminati. There are four other artists in the show, and it runs through December 10, 2011. I was the only photographer in the show. I find that it is nice to be included with other mediums every now and them because the audience changes a little from just the viewers that are interested in seeing photos, to those interested more in art-in-general.

For this show, with the help of the gallery, I decided to do more of an installation of the pieces. Instead of just having the pieces on white walls, the walls were painted a dark grey. This was similar to what the Stozzina did for my show there. However, instead of just painting the walls, the gallery also walled off the space so that it would be dark. Then, the pieces were lit with single spotlights. It has an interesting effect in that the pieces look backlit and it fits with the mood of the work. It was interesting to try.

Melissa Cooke

The other artists included in the show are Sarah LutherSofia ArnoldEmily Belknap, and Melissa Cooke.


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