You All Fell For My Act – Open Now

Opening Night at MAMA

You All Fell For My Act is now up at Media and Moving Art in Rotterdam. There was a last minute addition to the show. Ai Weiwei was added to the show just before it went up. The reception has been good. I have four pieces in the show. They are Megan, Heidi and John, Lexi, and Sady. They are the full size versions and were mounted for the show.

Once again, the artists included in the show are Ai Weiwei (CN, 1957), Kalup Linzy (US, 1977), Kim Nuijen (NL, 1984), Jamie Warren (US, 1980), Renée van Trier (NL, 1983), Evan Baden (US, 1985), Mark Callahan (US, 1971).The show will be up until October 16, 2011.



  1. Hi, Evan, this is Arthur Tsui in Shanghai, I heard about the news that you have left UMN for your MA study in Chicago, that’s wonderful! Congratulations!
    Also, I happen to know that you got married recently, congratulations again! If you and your wife have a trip to China now, as your friend, I will probably give you two 200 bucks wrapped in red envelop as a wedding gift, which is a typical Chinese custom for newlyweds.
    Well, it’s very interesting that you and Ai Weiwei have an exhibition together in Rotterdam; the world is really getting smaller and smaller. What’s more important is your works become more and more well-known around the world.
    I’m looking forward to your next act!

    • Hi Arthur,

      Thank you Arthur. So nice to hear from you. I guess China isn’t blocking my blog 🙂 I had meant to send you an email before I left the UMN, but things got really busy towards the end and I just didn’t have the time.
      Yes, after nine years together, we finally got married. It was a long time, but now that we were both going to be in the same city (Chicago) we decided it was time. If you ever want to come to Chicago, you are welcome to stay with us.
      I was surprised to se Ai Weiwei in the show, but was happy with the caliber of all of the other artists in the show. I wish (as always) I could have gone to the opening.
      I’ll try and send an email from my new school’s email and see if that goes through to you.
      All the best,

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