Untitled (I Get Around)

Untitled (I Get Around)

I have been thinking about a new body of work for months now. Actually, it’s been almost a year. Now I am heading back to school, and I will begin to go full steam with this new body of work. Picking up from Technically Intimate, I will be looking further into how youth culture’s learned sexual behaviors have been shaped by popular culture and how the porn industry has played an integral role in that shaping.

I would also like to take a closer look at how feminism has changed over the last 30 years, from a sense of female empowerment to a willingness and want by young women to be seen as a sexual object. I happen to feel there is a difference between female sexual empowerment and simply being in Playboy. They are not one and the same.

I have begun writing (soon to be posted) and currently have 60 images that I want to shoot. That should take me the next three years or so. The imagery will take on many different looks and I am hoping to get a really wide variety. I am still taking a lot of cues from the imagery that I am finding online. I will use those images as a base to jump off of.

Way back in February, I shot this image. This particular image takes a look at the Victoria’s Secret PINK brand, which I find of particular interest.

Right now my head is still spinning with all of the elements that I want to include in this body of work. I am slowly but surely beginning to refine them.

More to come…


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