Paraty Em Foco Workshop

Advertisement for Paraty Em Foco

In September I will be traveling to Paraty, Brazil to participate in the Paraty Em Foco Photography Festival. I am quite excited as I have never been to South America. I am hoping there will be some time to see Rio, and I will bring my Polaroid camera along for the ride. I will be there for the entire festival, which runs from the 21st of September through the 25th. I will be involved with two events while there.

First, I will be giving a lecture about my past and current work. I am excited because this will be the first that I get to speak in public about my third series. I am mostly in the planning stages at this point, but hope to be a little further by the time the festival rolls around. There will also be an interview section to the lecture. The interview will be conducted by Felipe Russo, a young Brazilian Photographer. His blog can be found here.

I will also be giving a workshop during the festival. I didn’t want to do a shooting workshop. Mostly because shooting is a very small part of any project for me. Plus, I think it would be pretty boring to stand around and watch me shoot a staged image. So instead I will be focusing on how to research, write about, and plan an extended body of work. Then, after that work is created, how to market it and get it shown around the world. The workshop has already sold out, however, I believe we will be adding more spots as there is still some demand. That was somewhat of a surprise to me.

The image above is the first advertisement for the Festival, whose topic this year is “The Future”. More info can be found here.


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