Neural Magazine is out now.

A while back I did an interview with Alessandro Ludovico about my Illuminati and Technically Intimate series for the Italian magazine Neural. That interview appears in the Multiplied Identities issue, which is on sale now. The magazine deals primarily with technology based/related art. I was pleasently surprised to find my image Megan from the Technically Intimate series on the cover. The magazine (or subscriptions) can be purchased here. Or if you just want to go and take a look at it, here is the international list of the places (magazine shops and libraries) that carry it. Enjoy!



  1. Hey Evan, nice work! Just wondering which Canham you use, and which lens you major using indoor for those shot? I’ve got myself a Canham DLC45.


    • Hi Kris,

      I too have the DLC45 (the older version). I have a couple of lenses, but the lens that I used for the Technically Intimate series (I believe every image) was a Schneider Kreuznach 90 XL, which covers around 110 degrees. The lens is enormous. It weighs as much as the camera itself and if you were ever wondering why the front standard of the DLC45 has those small semi circles cut out of it, it is so the 90XL can fit. Otherwise you could not actually put the lens on the front of the Canham.

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