Postcards from John and Julie

As a follow up to the last post, John and Julie were kind enough to send me some of the postcards from the project they had mentioned to me while visiting. These aren’t just any postcards, but palladium prints. They are really nice little objects. You almost feel bad writing on them.

Here’s a little about the project:

We started the postcard portrait project in July 2008by photographing random visitors to our downtown Manitowoc studio. The people who visited were most often students or other artists passing through the area and usually clad in t-shirts and jeans, which gave the portraits a casual off-the street quality.

More can be seen on their blog.

Visit from John and Julie

I got a visit last Friday from John Shimon and Julie Lindemann, art professors at Lawrence University. They came to look and talk about the work I had been making over the last couple of years. I am hoping to be able to head up to Lawrence sometime in the near future to talk about my work with the students there. They were kind enough to bring me a book they had produced in conjunction with the Milwaukee Art Museum. The book contains portraiture from a variety of artists including John and Julie. I thought I would share a few of the pages here. Enjoy.

Barcelona + Pyrenees + Polaroid 180

I got back from Barcelona last week. It was a great trip, especially since it was just time to enjoy, as opposed to having to go to an opening or do any sort of work. And I got to take my Polaroid 180 with. I had taken both color and B+W film, but had problems with getting the B+W to work correctly. So I just shot up all of the color that I had. This is a small selection of what was shot, at least the images I like the most. And while it is a pain to deal with peel-a-part pack film while on vacation, they are so beautiful I think it was worth it.

P.S. Fuji really has their act together when it comes to color Polaroid (Fujiroid?) film.

Virtual Identities Catalog

I just received the catalog for the Virtual Identities show that is currently on display at the Strozzina in Florence. My image of Katie was used for the postcard / invite and my image of Lila was used for the cover of the catalog. There is a lot of text in the catalog, and I was really pleased with the description of my work in the catalog. Plus, they sent me a bunch of copies, which are really nice to have for the future.

Marie Claire

The South African edition of Marie Claire picked up the New York Magazine story from February. They did things a little different with the images. Here’s how it turned out.

MSP Best of Issue

Unbeknown to me, I was in the Best of issue of MSP magazine. It was in a roundabout way, but any publicity is good. They did a feature on MN Original and decided to use an image from my episode. Spelled my name wrong, but whatever.