Off to Barcelona

Film, Film, and Film

Well, I am off to Barcelona today. Won’t be back until June 6th. I will be taking along my Polaroid camera as well as a couple of Super 8s. While they make great imagery, unfortunately for my suitcase, the film takes up a lot of room. This will be the first time that I am trying the B+W Fuji, so I am interested in what it will look like. It’s ISO 3000 and supposedly only takes 15 seconds to develop (as opposed to the 75 for the color). And I’ll only end up with about 200 images. Just hoping I have enough to make it through!

Crated for the Strozzina

I have a major show coming up at the Strozzina in Florence, Italy. The show is titled Virtual Identities and will be opening on the 20th of May. Six images from the Illuminati series should be on a plane as I write this. I asked the crate builder if he would mind taking some images of the crating for me. He was kind enough to oblige. So this is how my images will be traveling there and back. There will also be a catalog with the show, which I am excited to see.