Work for Two Shows


I had to make some work for two shows that will be opening in a couple weeks. The first is the Virtual Identities show that will be held in Florence at the Strozzina. That show will feature six pieces from the Illuminati, two of which I had to have made up. The other is a group juried show at the Kinsey Institute in Indiana. There will be two pieces from Technically Intimate in that show. I had to have Alex made up for that show, which I have been waiting to make up for a long time. These are some images of all of the work at the crater waiting to be boxed up and shipped off.


There is something about shooting Polaroids in grey weather that I have always liked, and thanks to our wonderful spring weather here in Minnesota, I have been able to take the new camera out. It has been a long time since I have shot with it. It is a slow process, but enjoyable, and so much different that the digital that most shoot with today.

Lighting Tests for Technically Intimate

These are the lighting tests from every image that was shot for Technically Intimate in the order that they were taken. I finally got around to rounding them all up. I know that people always enjoy seeing images that I shoot before I shoot, so I decided to post them. I had posted some of them before, but decided to take them down and repost all 21 when moving to the new blog.

Getting Pieces Ready for “Virtual Identities”

Fixing the "bow"

I took out the pieces out that are scheduled to be in Florence. Some of the pieces I have that have been around for a few years have slowly developed a bow. This is probably because I don’t really have the proper place to store the work the way that it should be. So, this is what I was doing over the weekend to slightly bend the plexiglass back. Four of the six pieces are at the shipper waiting to be crated while the other two are getting finished up a Digi. I am really hoping they are done by Friday as I know that the work is scheduled to ship out around May 5th.

Proofing Alex

8x10 Proof of "Alex"

I have two pieces heading to the Kinsey Institute for their annual juried exhibition. Heidi and John and Alex (both 40″ x 50″) will be on display from May 20th through July 30th, 2011. I already have Heidi and John done (as it had to be made for the Jerome exhibition), but Alex has yet to be fabricated. So…DigiGraphics in Minneapolis is printing and mounting Alex for the show. I went in and did the proofing on Monday, so I am hoping it is all finished up this week. Then it will be off to the shipper. The show opens May 20, 2011 at the School of Fine Arts Gallery at Indiana University.

About the Show

The Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show premiered in 2006 at the Kinsey Institute Gallery. For the first two years, the emphasis was on erotic art, but beginning in 2008, the parameters of the competition were expanded to include artworks addressing gender issues, sexuality, reproduction, sexual politics, romantic relationships, and the human figure. In 2009, the exhibition, having outgrown the space available in Morrison Hall, was moved to the Indiana University School of Fine Arts Gallery.


Betsy Stirratt
Director of School of Fine Arts Gallery at Indiana University

Garry Milius
Associate Curator at The Kinsey Institute

Christopher Bedford
Chief Curator of the Wexner Center for the Arts at The Ohio State University

Tim Hetherington is killed in Libya

I would like to send my condolences to the family and friends of Tim Hetherington, who was killed today documenting the rebel struggle in Libya. I was introduced to his work through FOAM Magazine when we were both featured in the Peeping issue. I was then spurred to watch Restrepo which I truly enjoyed and when he was nominated for an Oscar, I was pulling for him to win. Today the world has lost a great storyteller.

His bio from his website:

Tim Hetherington was born in Liverpool, UK. He studied literature at Oxford University and later returned to college to study photojournalism. He lives in New York and is a contributing photographer for Vanity Fair magazine.

His interest lies in creating diverse forms of visual communication and his work has ranged from multi-screen installations, to fly-poster exhibitions, to handheld device downloads. Known for his long-term documentary work, Tim lived and worked in West Africa for eight years and has reported on social and political issues worldwide.

His project Healing Sport was published by Thames and Hudson as part of group project Tales of a Globalizing World (Thames & Hudson 2003). Long Story Bit By Bit:Liberia Retold (Umbrage Editions 2009) narrates recent Liberian history by drawing on images and interviews made over a five year period. A new book, Infidel (Chris Boot Ltd 2010), about a group of US soldiers in Afghanistan, continues the examination of young men and conflict.

As a film maker, he has worked as both a cameraman and director/producer. He was a cameraman on Liberia: an Uncivil War (2004) and The Devil Came on Horseback (2007), and his directorial debut film Restrepo about a platoon of soldiers in Afghanistan, was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. His most recent film Diary is a highly personal experimental short currently playing at film festivals.

He is the recipient of numerous awards including a Fellowship from the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (2000-4), a Hasselblad Foundation grant (2002), four World Press Photo prizes including the World Press Photo of the Year 2007, the Rory Peck Award for Features (2008), and an Alfred I. duPont award (2009).

Polaroid 180 back from the shop

I was given this camera by my high school photo instructor some time ago. It was really great to use while it worked, especially since I have always been taken with the Polaroid image. The shutter locked up a while back and I hadn’t had the time or money to fix it. Also, finding someone to fix a 50 year old Polaroid camera these days just isn’t that easy. But Essex Camera out in NJ said they could do it. Just for fun, I also sent my grandfather’s light meter which needed to be repaired. They were able to fix both. I am really excited to start using this again. Most of the work that I do is slow and set up, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to just take images without thinking too much about what’s behind them.

Print Exchange at CVA

A couple weeks ago I headed over to CVA for their annual print exchange. I didn’t have anything to give, but I was able to pick up a couple images from some of the students / instructors. Most of the raffle prizes were donated by me though, so maybe that counts for something.

Technically Intimate in KRAUT Magazine

The second issue of KRAUT magazine has been out for a while. It has been published by the NRW-Forum Kulture in Dusseldorf in conjunction with their current show on display. The images were printed in black and white, which is kind of funny to me as I am used to seeing them in such vivid color.

Illuminati in TIME Magazine

For a long time I had been talking to TIME about publishing something from my Illuminati series. A few weeks ago they did. Just a small article in the back, but hey, it’s TIME.