Global Photography Catalog

Massimo Sordi, photographer and co-curator of Global Photography has just sent me the two catalogs from both the Global Photography show and the Foto Festival. Both are beautiful and much bigger and better quality than I had expected. It was wonderful to be able to look through the catalog and see all of the artists in the show, especially since I could not be at the opening. Much thanks to Massimo and Stephanie!

Jerome Catalog

I have to say that the catalog that was put together by Design Works over at MCAD for the Jerome show was really great. Last years catalog was somewhat thin, but this years has a nice heft to it. Each artists has four nice spreads with lots of space. And the essays (wirtten by Christina Schmid) were great as well. And to my great fortune, MCAD over ordered by about 2000 copies, so I will be taking whatever they have left over after the show. It will be a great addition to the other materials that I send out with portfolios. Make sure that you grab one if you go to the show. Or, if you are unable to make the show but still want a catalog, let me know. There are a lot of extras.

Jerome Fellowship Opening

Last night was the opening of the Jerome Fellowship Exhibition. There was a pretty good crowd and I was happy to see a lot of familiar faces including a couple of my models. I feel like the reception of the work exhibited was fairly good and I am really looking forward to the panel discussion, which will be taking place on Wednesday, October 7th. I am really hoping that a lot of people show up for that. My hope for the work that I am showing is that it will spark discussion. Thanks to everyone that came and if you haven’t seen the show yet, it will be up until November 11.