Ready to Hang

Well, I am relieved today to have everything ready to be hung for the Jerome Fellowship show. The work has to be at MCAD’s gallery on the 28 of September. I had thought that I would be cutting things close, but it turns out I am two weeks ahead of schedule, which takes a lot off my mind. Now the only thing to worry about is what kind of reception the work will have.

I had the work mounted onto 3mm diBond. They will be hung from the wall using a box cleat so that the work stays nice and flat against the wall. They will float off about 3/4 of an inch. There will be no frames on the pieces, so I had a laminate put over the face of the print to protect it. It works great because it takes all of the glare off of the print. No matter how harsh the light is or from what angle, the piece just sucks up the light. I really like the look.

Show opens October 2nd with a reception from 6-8pm at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.


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