New Work

I am writing down my thoughts for the first time.

I have begun a new body of work. I just won the Jerome Fellowship for Emerging Artists. I recieved $10,000 which I will use in creating this body of work. I am currently out of the country, and for the first time I am actually writing about what I want to shoot and why I want to shoot it. As I write I find my ideas coming easier and I feel like I know more about the work than I have with previous work. I will be posting the pages as I write them.
For the project, I am recreating images that I have found on the Internet. The images that I am recreating are either photos or stills from video that were shot by youths. Many young people feel a need to display themselves for the world to see. This feeling is perpetuated by ‘social networking’ websites such as Facebook and MySpace. These websites, although presented as a way of connecting with others, really just revolve around photos. This is one of the first places, with the aide of a digital camera or webcam, that teens learn to put themselves on display. As they become more comfortable with that display, their images become more risqué, until they are downright explicit. Though this is not the case with everyone that posts photos on the Internet, it is becoming more and more common. As a consequence, it becomes less and less shocking to the members of that generation, and thus, becomes more common.

With this project I am trying to bring to light the side effect that technology seems to be having on this younger generation. This issue in particular seems to be flying under the radar for the older generations, i.e. the parents. And to me, these types of actions represent a possibly dangerous shift in youth culture. And since youth culture drives the culture as a whole, we as a culture may be broadsided by a phenomenon that no one saw coming.

Many of these images deal with sexually explicit material, and all of the images are about self-display. The images that I am making are supposed to represent explicit acts, but the images themselves are not supposed to be explicit. These images will be exhibited, and getting people to really think about the ideas behind the images is not possible when the images are so explicit that people won’t even look at them. I am not looking to make porn, but the images are representative of porn’s effect, via technology, upon youth culture.

Please forgive the handwriting and spelling. It is not often that I write without the assistance of a spellcheck.

The entries are in the order that I am writing them. Please scroll down to see new entries, or use the recent entries link on the side.

This work is very new and just in the beginning stages. Blank areas on pages are either images that I haven’t shot yet, or places that I have not found an image that I want to recreate. I will be updating images in the journal pages as I find / shoot them.

Click on the pages to enlarge them to a readable size.


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